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Pre-Proposal Survey Template

Whether you freelance on the side or run a full-fledged consultancy, it's absolutely important that you know what your client wants before you start. 

This survey template, put together by Ruben Gamez (who knows more than most of us ever want to about putting together proposals), will help you get to the core of what a potential client wants before you get too far in and realized you weren't on the same page.


1) How will this project help your business?
2) What's the biggest concern you have with this project?
3) What's most important to you about the company that you work with?

4) What's your budget for this project?

  • Who are the decision makers on this project?
  • 6) 
  • When will you be ready to start?

    • 7) 
    • When do you need to have your project completed?