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Speaker Evaluation Form

Get feedback on the speaker at your recent event so you can learn how well the speaker was (or wasn't) received with our event survey template.

If you are a public speaker, then you know that understanding your audience‚Äôs opinion of your speech is vital to knowing how successful you were in conveying the information at hand. 

Having them fill out a speaker evaluation form can help make that happen. 

Whether you gave a speech as a business consultant to a large business conference or a personal motivator to a group of people looking for help in their person lives, a speaker evaluation form helps you improve your speaking so that you are truly successful in not only providing information and communication, but also inspiring the audience.

With a speaker evaluation form, you can carefully ask the pertinent questions that the audience might not be willing to answer in person, but that could help to ensure a more successful speech in the future. 

A speaker evaluation form is your chance to make your speaking engagements as thorough and effective as possible so that you and the audience benefit from it.

Template Questions:

1) How did the speaker make you feel?

2) Important takeaways from the speaker?

3) Anything else you'd like to share?