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Create personality and Buzzfeed-like quizzes with SurveyNuts

Up to now you could use SurveyNuts to create beautiful surveys and forms that can be embedded in your website or short polls.

As of today, you can start building a quiz too ! In the past year, quizzes have taken over the web in media websites such as BuzzFeed with fun, engaging quizzes. Or as a way for brands to engage their audience on social networks. The reason is that when done right, quizzes provide a way to interact with your community in a light, refreshing way.

To build quizzes on SurveyNuts, you should start by creating a standard questionnaire with a series of questions. After the survey has been created, in your admin dashboard, you can visit the "Quiz" section on the left. There are two main sections in this page.

First, the results profiles.
This is where you set up the types of results that will be displayed right after the respondents submit their answers. For example, if you build a quiz named "Which superhero are you ?" you can add 4 results profiles for Superman, Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman. For each results profile, you need to choose a name and an HTML message. The name is not important as it won't be shown to the respondent, but it will help setting up things in your own admin dashboard. So you should choose a short name, with one or two words. The HTML message is the important part. This is what respondents will see. You can put a standard text message, or add links and pictures and whatever you feel appropriate. If you don't know how to add pictures in HTML, there are many resources online to assist you with that, but you can also contact us.

Second, the "points" system.
Once your results profiles are set up, the scoring system will allow you to assign a number of points to each answer in your questionnaire. For example, in the superhero questionnaire, if one of your questions is : "Which color do you prefer ?", you can assign 2 points to the color "black" for the profile "Batman" and 2 points to the color Red for the profile "Flash" and 1 point for Red for "Superman" (you know, because he still has a bit of red in its costume!)

The way it works is that after taking the quiz, SurveyNuts will automatically compute all the points assigned to the respondent's answer and display the result profile where he or she has accumulated the most points.

Start making quizzes now and give your brand a boost. As BuzzFeed showed, quizzes can be a highly viral and addictive weapon if used well !

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