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Introducing : awesome cover pages for your surveys !

If you're using SurveyNuts somewhat regularly, you might notice that the software is constantly evolving. Being a much smaller team than our competitors, we are a lot more fast and agile when it comes to pushing new features. But the feedback we get from our customers is that the simplicity of SurveyNuts is also what makes it great, so we have to be careful of not adding too many features making our tool too complex.

With that in mind, we have not done such a great job at explaining what new features are being pushed and what they're useful for. So let's start to change that. A few days ago, we started to let you create "cover pages" for your survey. What does that mean ? These cover pages, which are optional, are a little introduction that you can customize to present your survey to your respondents when they click on your link, before actually answering the questions. For now, it is composed of just two elements, a cover message and a cover button. The message can be just a bit of text like "Welcome to this event registration form for the FinTech Conference" or it can be something much longer to explain the motivation of your survey, what you are going to do with the data, who is behind it etc.

For example, this is often requested by research departments in universities who need to present the motivation behind their research in order to increase participation and make sure the respondent is in agreement.

This message can be in HTML which means you can play with fonts, colors, add other types of content such as links, videos or images.

Random example of a cover page on SurveyNuts

The other element, the cover button, is what the respondent will have to click to start the survey. By default, the text in that button is "Let's go!". But if you go to the Edit section (in the admin page of your survey) you will be able to modify that text to anything else ("Start Survey" / "Let's get this over with", "I'm excited !"). In the edit section you can also modify the cover message naturally. But the cover message can also be created in the survey creation page, with an optional box you can click on between the survey title and the first question block.

We think cover pages are a great way to welcome and engage your respondents. Last but not least; you don't have to use it ! If you prefer to keep it simple, just leave this part blank and the respondents won't see a cover screen, just the survey directly.

If you have any feedback about that feature, email us !