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Custom Variables

Custom Variables provide a new way to collect data from your respondents.

We have implemented a basic version of this feature, available now publicly for all SurveyNuts PRO subscribers. The way it works is by adding custom variables in the survey URL you share with your respondents. The names (keys) of these variables are var1, var2, or var3.

For example, if the original survey URL is :

And you want to add the case number 123456 and the name "Sophia", you can change it to :

Then, you can send that link to Sophia and you'll find these variables in the "Voters" section where the results are presented individually for each respondent. Along with this respondent's answers, you will see the case number (123456) and her name (Sophia).

You can assign up to 3 variables for each individual respondent, using this type of link.

It is also a good way to save their email address if you do not want the survey to be anonymous while saving them the hassle of answering additional questions. We suggest you make it clear that this is not anonymous if you do collect this additional data.

Let us know if you have any questions about that feature.