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How to build an effective brand loyalty questionnaire: Key Insights

Brand awareness is the first thing that people think when they see your brand’s logo or hear your brand’s name. Brand loyalty is actually the positive response towards your brand awareness. Building a recognizable brand can boost up your overall marketing effort and ensure growth for the business.

Now, how do you know that your brand has a loyal customer base? Yes, with a brief brand awareness survey you will be able to gauge your brand’s loyalty. However, for that survey, you will need a well-designed questionnaire.  

Measuring brand loyalty with surveys

The main aim of surveying your customers is to gain insight of your brand’s loyalty. Keep in mind that the loyalty is a part of your brand identity. The most effective way to determine brand loyalty is to create short and to the point surveys. You have to be deliberate about your questions and avoid presenting false data. Read on for some key insights.

Measuring Trust: In this internet world, we ask a lot of personal questions to the customers like birthdays, e-mail, phone numbers etc. Around 48% customers are truly anxious about how these data are used.  

So, when you try to take personal information make sure that your customers trust you. You can ask questions like below:

--How much trust do you have on us? Rate on a scale 1-10 while 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

--What else can we do to keep your trust? You can add multiple choice questions here.

Measuring customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is a vital aspect if you want to measure your brand’s loyalty and awareness. Measuring customer satisfaction is a great way to get things moving. You can add questions like:

--Would you recommend us to your dear ones?

--Will you visit our store and purchase anything in the next 01 month?

--How happy were you with the previous purchase? Rate on a scale 1-10 while 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Measuring perceived quality: The ability of your product to meet customers’ expectation usually gets converted to perceived quality. You have to design the questionnaire in a way so that you can easily understand which products have room for improvement. For example,

--Do you like the quality of our service or product? Scale 1-5 where 5 is perfect and 1 is dissatisfied.

Measuring goodwill: It is a wise choice to focus on goodwill when surveying on brand loyalty. Goodwill is actually the customers’ positive sentiment towards your brand. You can use the following questions:

--How positive do you feel when you think of our brand?

--Will you prefer our brand over our competitors?

 Here are three effective tips to develop your loyalty questionnaire

Be short and straightforward with your surveys: Restrict the number of questions to five or seven. Customers like easy to answer questions and they like it short. In this way, you will get a proper insight.

Ask one information per question: Be creative and use your intuition while asking questions. Moreover, only focus on what is important. Don’t ask for too many information on a single question.

Do not use open-ended questions: Open-ended questions create confusion in customers’ mind. It is always better to use close-ended questionnaire so that customers can answer them with simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

In essence, the personalized approach and flexibility of Surveynuts will help you make your brand loyalty surveys into a powerful branded masterpiece. For more tips on your brand’s survey, take a look at our guide.