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Why Choose SurveyNuts Over Google Forms

Your business has had a steady growth and now it’s time to engage your clients for feedback on possible areas of improvement. Or, you are interviewing for a job placement and need a simple way to collect resumes from potential applicants. This is where SurveyNuts comes in handy.  But, you could be wondering; why pick SurveyNuts over the free Google Forms? Here the reasons:

  1. Friendly User Interface

When choosing survey software, one key consideration should be how easy it is to navigate from one tab to another. Now, a tool with clearly labeled menu is easier for even novice users to find their way through it. Besides, some tools makes it easy to see a real time preview of the final design on the working area. 

On comparing the Google forms survey creator to that of SurveyNuts, you’ll notice a striking difference. Google forms use icons while SurveyNuts has well labeled tabs that are easily accessible as shown in the screenshot below. If it’s your first time to create a survey with Google forms, you’ll have to move the cursor over the icons to find out what they stand for.  

As you can see above, SurveyNuts has a preview section where you see a snapshot of how your form looks like as you make changes. For you to preview your work on Google forms, you’ll need to click the preview icon which opens on a different tab on your browser. This additional effort prolongs your processing time especially if you are working on a long document.

  1. Survey Customization Capability

Google forms provides pre-designed survey templates that you can easily add your details to reduce processing time. A good example is the Event RSVP template. Unfortunately, these forms don’t give you lots of flexibility in design. For instance, with Google forms, you can’t integrate additional content such as video to a specific question using html code. If this was SurveyNuts, you get an option to use html code to manipulate the information you have under the message tab in any way you wish. This flexibility allows you to further customize your survey to match the theme of your website.

  1. Beautiful Survey Presentation

First impression matters a lot. If you wish to pass special information to your audience before they can see the survey, then SurveyNuts is your best bet. This software allows you to design a cover page that appears when the survey is opened. What’s more, the page is flexible enough to contain various file types including images, videos, text messages, html coded content, and even hyperlinks.

Think of a situation where you are creating a quiz, then you can comfortably place your instructions on the cover page. See the image below for an example cover message.

  1. Numerous File Upload Options

This features allows you to collect information from your audience in various pre-exisiting file formats. Now, pause for a moment and ask yourself – what if the client doesn’t have pre-exisiting files such as pictures or videos? SurveyNuts has the answer! Besides having the capability to upload pre-existing files, it allows users to take photos or record live responses in form of videos as seen below. This functionality has many application including using this tool to conduct job interviews.

    5. Secure Survey Editing

After creating your survey, you may want to change a thing or two. While Google forms proceed to effect such changes without warning, SurveyNuts requires you to hit a ‘submit’ button for amendments to succeed. This is true for the delete function as well. With these controls in place, SurveyNuts makes sure that you don’t lose your data by accidentally hitting the wrong keys.

And that’s not all! SurveyNuts tool comes with advanced logic functionality that allows you to set up complex survey questions that are depended on various outcomes. The bottom line is that you can be creative with this software. Use it to collect any form of response from the public in whichever way that works for you.