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Sharing a survey by email

How can you send your survey by email ? Let's say you've already created your questionnaire using our online survey tool. To gather as many answers as possible on your survey, you might need to send an email to a large address list.
In some cases (under 50 people), just sending it in your usual mail app (like Gmail) could be a good option, while making sure all the email addresses are hidden in bcc.
If the survey is supposed to be sent by email internally in your company / organization, you could probably use pre-made lists in your company email application. Since it's internal, it won't be qualified as spam.

In other cases, you'd need to use an external service such as MailChimp, Mailjet or Sendgrid to ensure the best possible delivery of all emails to people's inbox. You could even get some more statistics such as number of emails opened / numbers of clicks to estimate the success and appeal of your survey.