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Jeff Bezos & The ...
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The washington posts financials suggest bezos may have gotten himself a huge bargain
Do you think it was a good idea for him to buy the Washington Post ?
3787 respond...

Yes, he will have the capacity to test new models for the industry

No, traditional press is doomed anyway

I don't know

Do you even read the Washington Post ?
2946 respond...

No, I read other newspapers

No, I generally don't buy newspapers anymore

Sometimes, but only on their website

Yes, occasionally

Yes, regularly

What do you think is his motivation for buying the Washington Post ?
2885 respond...

Just business - he thinks this can be a profitable investment

Having more influence on press and media to serve other purposes

He wants to transform the industry and has a new vision for it

Get into politics

He likes D.C

Something else

Do you think current WPost employees should be worried about their jobs ?
3545 respond...

Yes, they're probably going to reduce staff

No, he will be able to develop the company and bring growth

Any additional comments on the deal ?
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