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WDC 65xx Technology Engineering Survey

1. What is your current system application of WDC 65xx technology?

2. What are the basic requirements of our system supported by WDC 65xx Technology?

3. Do you see design moving to require more advanced package types? Select PLCC, QFP, or No.

4. Would a SBC development platform for WDC IC’s be helpful in future development of your product?

5. Would WDC tool support help in your current and future development?

7. Do you see your product development utilizing other WDC products beyond what is currently used to support future development?


8. Do you see your current system requirements pushing your development to FPGA or ASIC design?


9. Would a WDC FPGA development platform help to support next generation development utilizing WDC technology?


What programming language is used in your system development?

We want to know more about you! Please provide us with your Name and Position.