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(Hydrogenaudio) What are the audible differences between dedicated DACs/high end vs low end DACs (only respond if you perceive/believe there is a difference)
All questions are optional. If you identify/use Hydrogenaudio the most out Headfi, r/audiophile, r/headphones, Computer Audiophile, respond here. Otherwise, please respond there. This survey is referring to DACs which are functioning and are of a somewhat reasonable design, eg functioning as intended (working, no oscillations, reasonably flat frequency response, not ultra-high distortion). This survey is anonymous and is for academic purposes.

(Multiple choice) What aspects/areas cause audible differences (read above, for reasonable design)

If any: at what general price point do DACs become indistinguishable or near indistinguishable (Dedicated DACs or DACs within a DAC/amp)

Approximately how much does your DAC (dedicated or DAC/amp, if you have one) cost vs your headphones/speakers

What DAC do you use?