Richland County Community Transporation Survey

Richland County Resident,

Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions about your personal and/or household transportation needs. Your answers will help identify the transportation needs of Richland County residents.   

To fill out a paper copy of this survey, please download this pdf:

Richland County - Community Transportation Survey.pdf.  

Please complete the survey only once, either paper OR online, by Wednesday, 1/16/2019.  

Thank you!

5) Including yourself, how many people, age 10 and over, live in your household?

6) Including yourself, how many people living in your household have a valid driver’s license?

7) How many operating vehicles are available to your household?

8) Do you or a household member who needs transportation have a disability, health concern, or other issue that makes travel difficult?

9) Which of the following types of transportation does your household currently use and how often?

6-7 Days/week
3-5 Days/week
1-2 Days/week
1-3 Days/month
Less than once/month
Your personal vehicle
Borrow a vehicle
Ride from a friend/relative
Richland County Transportation
Van or bus provided by a service agency
Other (Please specify in question 9a)

9a) If you selected other in question 9, please specifiy what other type of transportation your household currently uses.

10) To which communities do you or a member of your household need transportation to most frequently within Richland County? (check all that apply)

11. What are the primary reasons you or a member of your household need transportation? (check all that apply)

12) Do you need or would you use public transportation to go outside of Richland County?

13) Have you ever used Richland County Transportation?

14) If you have previously used Richland County Transportation, please rate your impression of the service using a scale of 1-to-5, with 1 being “Very Poor” and 5 being “Very Good”.

Please only answer this question if you HAVE previously used Richland County Transportation.
1 - Very Poor
2 - Poor
3 - Average
4 - Good
5 - Very Good
Buses operate on-time
Bus service is convenient for my schedule
Bus service begins early enough for me
Bus service ends late enough for me
The bus system is easy to understand
Clean and well-maintained buses
Courteous bus drivers
Buses are operated safely

15) If you do not use Richland County Transportation, what are the reasons why you do not use the service? (check all that apply)

Please only answer this question if you DO NOT use Richland County Transportation.

16) How important would each characteristic be in your decision to use public transportation?

Not Important
Very Important
Buses operate on-time
Bus picks me up at my house
Weekend service
Evening service
Clean and well-maintained buses
Courteous bus drivers

17) Please provide any additional comments about what unmet transportation needs you or members of your household have, or what improvements you would like to see for transportation services in Richland County.

18) If you would like to receive updates about the Richland County Transit Development Plan please provide your name, email address, and/or phone number: