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Treasured Lands Book Feedback

Please rate photos from an esthetic point of view

Please rate print quality of the photos

Please rate quality of the information

Please rate quality of the writing

How important to the book are the notes and maps? (1: unimportant, 10: absolutely essential)

How much of the text did you read? (1: none, 5: 50%, 10: all of it)

Which of the two back covers would be most effective at generating interest?

Which of the two following cover additions would be most effective at generating interest? Note that the band and the sticker are not glued to the dust jacket and designs are preliminary.

Any comments in general, and in particular how could the book be improved? If you wish to be entered in the draw for a signed copy of the forthcoming second edition, please enter your name and email address. Everything entered here is only visible to QT. If you'd like to make a public comment, use https://www.terragalleria.com/blog/treasured-lands-book-survey/