Dear citizen of Amazing Town – please vote on the following topics. The outcome of the vote will be binding.
Please state whether you agree or disagree with the following proposed laws:

1. Any new trees planted on sidewalks or in parks will be indigenous to the region, taking into account the ecological support systems of insects, plants and animals.

2. A new tar road to be laid from Amazing Town to Town-Next-Door, it will take x amount of time, cost X amount of dollars and considerable re-routing of traffic until the project is completed.

3. Internet access for all citizens of Amazing Town to be capped to a maximum of 7 hours/day to promote physical/face-to-face interaction and social cohesion.

4. Parenting education course for all prospective parents to be held on a weekly basis. The courses will be voluntary and offered by the municipality.

5. Allocating X amount of our budget to research sewage treatment technologies to convert our sewage back into drinking water.

6. Mandatory yearly house inspections to assess the structural integrity of the residencies. Faults to be corrected at resident’s expense.

7. In completing this mock-voting sheet – how did you experience yourself?

8. Would you like to take the time of day to give your input on political decision making?

9. Do you feel you have adequate knowledge and vocabulary to participate in political decision making?

10. Are you comfortable with the responsibility that voting entails?