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2015 NORCAL CX Survey #2 USAC Specific
Organized by Marty Woy of GHETOCX / NORCALCX / WSCXGP martywoy@gmail.com

Are USAC points for National Championship start grids important to you?

What do you think is an ideal number of races for a USAC series if one existed?

Would you be OK paying more for USAC races than you do for Home Series races?

Would you support a "Guarantee Initiative" to NORCAL promoters that would facilitate them breaking even on USAC costs, if they hosted a USAC race off of their current Home Series Calendar?

Would you be more inclined to Volunteer at an Event if you were compensated for your time and the process was more organized?

Do you believe there should be Prize Money for Elite level racing?

Do you believe in Prize Money for Non-Elite Categories?

Would you like to see more categories or less?

Would you support a non-profit, non-membership based, Organization to facilitate dialog, change, and progression in the NORCAL CX Community?

What would be your ideal race day total event length?

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