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Using SurveyNuts as an application tracking software

There are many ways to use SurveyNuts and leverage our technology to create questionnaires, surveys, quizzes or tests.

One of them is actually closer to a form, but that can allow you to collect data from applicants willing to enter into your university program, your incubator, or even to get a job at your company. In essence, it is what someone in your IT department might call an "application tracking system" or if you work in HR, a Recruitment tracking tool.

Collect data from your applicants

The first step is pretty straightforward, you can go to SurveyNuts homepage and create a few questions such as for example :

- Open Question : What is your name ?

- Text Poll : What is your gender ? (Male / Female)

- Text Poll with a dropdown list : Choose the department you are applying for etc.

One important feature you can use is the cover page, where you can introduce your survey by providing a welcome message, give some context to this process, and provide instructions.

But the really key feature for tracking applications, that few survey softwares provide, is the ability to collect files with the "File Upload" question type. That way, your respondents can upload a Resume, a cover letter or a powerpoint presentation super quickly.

As always, you'll get an URL for this application form that can be shared by email, linked to, or even embedded on your own website. A private code can be set up if you'd rather share a simpler code, for example while speaking at an event.

Track the applications received

Once respondents start submitting their answers and providing documents, you can track that in real time and follow the process closely. While the "Results" section with various statistics and graphs won't be the most useful, it can give you interesting insights into your process such as the ratio of female applicants, an overview of their academic background etc.

The "Voters" section will be the most useful to browse applications individually. For each respondent, you will have a full summary of their answers, as well as links to the files they uploaded that can be opened in the cloud. That means it won't always be necessary to download all their documents on your personal computer and waste time opening them in another software. For pictures, it will be even simpler since they will be displayed upfront in the list of answers.

Last but not least, the "Export" section will allow you to download a table with all your data and analyze it elsewhere, or even import it in a CRM software for later use. The interactive table displayed on SurveyNuts website can also be used to sort and filter your applicant's answers according to specific criteria.

If you have any difficulty using SurveyNuts as an application tracking system, don't hesitate to write us an email at, we generally respond within 24 hours.

Once you have hired a good team, onboarding will be also a super important step ! As part of it, you can create a staff directory online with Woozis, in order to give an overview to your employees of all the other team members. You can also use other softwares such as 15five for continuous performance management (getting feedback from employee about how managers are doing). And of course SurveyNuts is an ideal tool for sharing quick surveys to gather employee feedback as well !