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Interactive survey editor

A super intuitive interface to create your surveys while seeing a preview being built in real-time. Most of our competitors have a complex drag-and-drop interface that looks like you are in a plane...

Text polls

Naturally, you can create multiple-choice questions with text. It would not be a survey without it ! You can add several options to it, such as randomizing the order of the answers, making the ques...

Picture polls

Would you like your survey to be more visually appealing and engaging ? Multiple choice questions with pictures can make all the difference. Maybe you want to ask people about different versions of...

Open-ended questions

Whether you need to ask basic information such as contact details in a form, or you want to get more qualitative feedback by letting your respondents express their thoughts freely, our open ended t...

Message / HTML

Sometimes you need to just display a message, such as a 'Welcome to this questionnaire' that doesn't require a question. You can add those in a snap. But we don't stop there. You can customize your...

File upload

Collect files of all types from your respondents with file upload questions. This is a key feature if you need to collect documents for job or student applications, screenshots for bug tracking, ho...

Pictures everywhere

You can also add pictures in your survey title, or in any of your question titles. Surveys are also a means to represent your brand and yes, they can do that beautifully.

Pick your theme

We currently have close to a dozen design themes you can choose from. Some will have a very formal and minimal black & white design, but others will totally rock with special fonts and sexy colors ...

Make modifications

After you've created your survey, anything can be edited. You can change the text or pictures of any question, delete some parts, add an answer, or even re-order how they will be presented.

Branching logic

If you are a researcher that needs more advanced features like branching logic, you've come to the right place. We made if very simple to organize your surveys with 'If this then that' rules. It wi...

Use it as a quiz

Make a quiz out of your survey, by creating different profiles of results, and building your own scoring system. Find more details on our blog on how to

Distribute your survey

Start collecting responses and share your survey with a private URL, on social media, or embed it in a website. The survey URL will be given to you on your survey dashboard right after survey creat...

Printer friendly

Get a clean, printer-friendly, black & white version of your questionnaire. For more details, read our

Mobile optimized

On average, more than 30% of the respondents of any survey come from mobile. Many of the existing survey tools were built a decade ago and are not well suited for mobile devices. We took it into ac...

Embed on your website

If you have your own website or blog and would like respondents to participate in your survey on your page, we provide a small snippet of HTML code that you can easily add. Width and height can be ...

Reporting & statistics

In real-time, you can see the evolution of the results to each question, with percentages, dynamic bar charts, and number of votes. Results to open-ended questions are displayed in a minimalistic f...

Donut charts

Numbers can sometimes be boring, so we made it easy for you to display a donut chart of these results for each question. This will also be very handy for creating reports.

Filters & cross tabbing

Filter results for a specific sub-group of respondents by clicking on a response. Our unique reporting dashboard will generate charts and percentages for just this population so you can visually co...

Word clouds

Visualize the text answers to open-ended questions with a word cloud generated on the fly. In 5 seconds you will see which terms have been used the most in all the answers instead of having to read...

Export your results

Do you need to perform your own analysis and use Excel, Numbers, or any other statistics software such as R or SPSS ? Export your survey results in csv format, and download a table with all your re...

Individual results

To get into a more qualitative analysis of your results and understand the answers given, it is sometimes better to be able to look at them individually and see all the data for each respondent. We...

Results privacy

By default, your data is completely private and secure and can only be accessed by the survey creator. However, you can choose to make them public if you want all your respondents to see the result...

Ending your survey

All good things have an end. Close your survey when you do not wish to accept any more responses. It won't accept new respondents but you will still be able to consult the answers at anytime, or ev...

IP filtering

Delete all additional answers coming from the same IP address if you want to avoid having one person voting multiple times.

Quick, expert support

We respond to most requests by email within a few hours and will go above and beyond to meet your expectations. Sometimes we'll even build new features if you ask!

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